Thursday, December 10, 2009

The end

Sadly Rosy passed away today due to an unfortunate complication from a umbilical hernia Rosy suffered at birth. We will all miss her very much. :(


Friday, December 4, 2009

Waltzing with Matilda

I'm not sure Matilda, the Large Black Hog likes me. When I go out to say hello across the fence she clacks her mouth at me. Then I run away.

She is really big and I'm a little scared. Good thing there is a fence in between us.

It's like a little dance we do each morning. I go to the fence to say hello. She puts on her grumpy face and I run away. Then I try again later.

Maybe, when I am bigger we can be friends.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Moving Day

I woke up to a funny noise today - lots of banging and clanking. When I peeked over the door I saw Brian dragging fence panels and fence posts over to Matilda's house. I watched all morning while he pounded in posts, cleaned out the stall next to Matilda's and wired up fence panels. I wondered if we were going to get a new neighbor?

When the stall was clean and the fence was up, Brian disapeared around the garage. He came back a few minutes later dragging a huge bag of leaves. He through the bag over the fence then dragged it into the stall. I couldn't see what he did in there, but when he came out the bag was empty.

He disapeared again around the garage for a few minutes. This time when he came back he wasn't carrying anything. He came to my door and said,"Nosy Rosy are you ready for your new home?"

I oinked and wagged my tail and squealed with excitement as he picked me up. I was so excited I just about wiggled out of his arms when he climbed over the fence with me.

He carried me into the newly cleaned stall and put me down in a huge soft bed of leaves. I love leaves . . . they are my new favorite thing!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Moving day is coming!

Today when I jumped up so I could see over the door, Dot said I to move to a new house. I wonder if it will be big and white like this house.

I hope it will be next to Matilda the black pig who lives in the wooden house. I can see her house when I peak over my door. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

My neighbors

This is picture of my neighbors on the farm:
the wolf/dogs - Willow and Camden
My other neighbors are:
the rainbow of roosters - They wake me up each morning when the sun comes up/ COCKADOODLE DOOOOO!
The large black hog - Matilda. I can see her when I peek over my door.
Anders' ducks - They quack whenever anyone somes into view.
Honey the Corgi
Betty the Chahuahua

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My friend

I have a human friend, Lilly. She is 7 year old. I can hear her coming along the path in the afternoon. She always brings me my milk and stays while I eat. Then Dot will let Lilly take me out for a romp in the yard.

I like grass. It's yummy! I tried a rock. Not so good. Too hard to be tasty.

Lilly won't let me in the tall grass. I wonder what's in there. Hmmm...

Monday, October 19, 2009

My new favorite thing... well next to MILK!

Pears! Juicy ripe pears and tomatoes juicy ripe tomatoes. Yumm Yummm
My friends Lilly and Grandma Marilyn bring them to me for treats. Slurpalicious!

Dot says I've gotten so much food on myself I could really use a bath... I wonder what that is...hmmm?